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Elevated Frequencies empowers DJs to grow their careers in the electronic music industry.

Elevated Frequencies is the ultimate platform for house and techno artists seeking to amplify their careers. From bedroom producers to established artists looking for that extra spark of inspiration, our podcast offers invaluable insights to elevate your musical journey.

Hosted by Olivia Mancuso, a TV journalist, creative entrepreneur, and house music super fan, Elevated Frequencies is your gateway to learning from the luminaries of the house and techno world.

Transitioning from nightly newscasts to entrepreneurship, Olivia co-founded the Chicago house music collective RooftopDropz and showcased her expertise on Insomniac Radio at EDC Orlando, blending deep industry insights with an unbridled passion for the scene.

Having interviewed hundreds of DJs, Olivia loves exploring the full spectrum of artists' lives, from their creative processes to the stories behind their success.

Elevated Frequencies focuses on one crucial goal: empowering artists to grow their careers in the electronic music scene. Dive into stories and strategies to fuel your journey, stay energized, and be authentically you.

Your brand gains multi-platform visibility, reaching a diverse audience through video and audio channels.

Elevated Frequencies is available on YouTube and wherever you listen to podcasts. Click below to visit our website for all episodes and show notes. Plus, get in touch to discuss hybrid partnerships across social and podcast channels.

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