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Hi, I’m Olivia.

I connect your brand to a community eager to elevate their lives.

Welcome. I'm a former broadcast journalist turned entrepreneur, marketing expert, lifestyle influencer, and podcaster. My mission? To connect purpose-driven brands with a vibrant and passionate community eager to elevate their lives. 


From a young age, I was drawn to the limelight, aspiring to a career on the big screen. I pursued broadcast journalism, working for NBC and CBS affiliates and covering everything from catastrophic hurricanes to fierce presidential elections. But over time, the relentless exposure to the harsh realities of life began to take a toll on my mental health. 

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So, I made a bold move. I stepped away from journalism and ventured into the world of marketing. There, I discovered a similar struggle - the corporate frameworks felt stifling, diminishing my individuality and unique skillset. I decided I wouldn't, and couldn't, fit into someone else's box.

With a $10 journal from Target and a three-month deadline, I crafted a roadmap to my future. In less than a year, I grew my business from zero to six figures by harnessing the power of goal setting, manifestation, and aligned action.

I bring to the table a rich tapestry of experience drawn from my days as a journalist and a marketing strategist. This fusion allows me to weave compelling narratives that captivate and resonate deeply with audiences. More than just the measurable metrics, I grasp the artistry behind effective brand collaboration: centering the empathetic, human core of a story and accentuating the transformative potential, not just the surface features, of a brand's offerings.

What I offer is more than just a platform for exposure. I provide genuine collaboration, offering input on campaign direction and using my marketing background to bring your vision to life. Whether through TikTok, Instagram, my weekly manifestation-focused newsletter, or my podcast, Elevated Frequencies, I can connect your brand to an engaged community of individuals seeking personal growth and intentional consumerism.

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At heart, I'm a visionary. I know I have the power to shape my own reality, and I love helping others realize they can do the same. This tenacity and resolve underpins every facet of my life, including the brands I choose to collaborate with. My work is a testament to my commitment to transformation and growth; I align only with those brands that echo my mission and share my values. 


Together, we don't just aim to market a product or a service. We aim to inspire, uplift and cultivate a richer quality of life. It's not simply about influencing consumer behavior—it's about sparking meaningful change and pushing boundaries in what people believe is possible.


I look forward to connecting your brand with my community and together creating meaningful experiences that resonate and inspire. Let's elevate your brand’s potential together.

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