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Hi, I’m Olivia.

I connect your brand to a community eager to elevate their lives.

I am a former broadcast journalist who transitioned into entrepreneurship, specializing in branding, influencing, and podcasting. I aim to forge meaningful connections between purpose-driven brands and a vibrant, engaged community focused on elevating their lifestyles.


My career began in broadcast journalism, where I contributed to NBC and CBS affiliates, reporting on various events, from natural disasters to presidential elections. However, the intensive nature of this work prompted a shift in my career path, leading me to explore the marketing sector. There, I encountered challenges within corporate structures but remained steadfast in my commitment to maintaining my individuality and leveraging my unique skills.

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With a $10 journal from Target and a three-month deadline, I crafted a roadmap to my future. In less than a year, I grew my business from zero to six figures by harnessing the power of goal setting, manifestation, and aligned action.


My background in journalism and marketing equips me with a distinctive ability to craft compelling stories that capture and hold attention. My approach goes beyond the conventional metrics, focusing on the empathetic essence of storytelling and highlighting the transformative aspects of a brand's value proposition.

I offer collaborative partnerships, leveraging my expertise to guide campaign strategies and ensure that visions are realized authentically. My platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, my weekly goal-setting-focused newsletter, and my podcast, Elevated Frequencies, serve as conduits for connecting brands with a community dedicated to personal development and mindful consumption.

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In every business relationship, I aim to do more than just market products or services; I strive to inspire and enhance lives. As a consultant and content creator, my mission is to expand the boundaries of what people consider achievable. It's about igniting meaningful change and pushing boundaries in what the audience believes is possible.


I look forward to connecting your brand with my community and together creating meaningful experiences that resonate and inspire. Let's elevate your brand’s potential together.

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