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Shopping Girl XOXO

How a three-month Instagram consulting engagement provided lasting results for a Chicago personal stylist.

Lora LaPratt is a busy entrepreneur who runs her personal styling business, Shopping Girl XOXO, out of her home showroom in Chicago. With a hectic schedule that includes meetings with boutique partners and clients, Lora found it challenging to keep up with creating effective social media content on her own.

Lora knew she had to make more Instagram reels but didn't have time to tackle the learning curve independently.

Shopping Girl XOXO IG.jpeg

Lora approached our conversation seeking to enhance and expand her Instagram presence. While shooting and editing videos were her biggest hurdles, she also needed guidance on developing a long-term content strategy. Because Instagram algorithms are constantly changing, Lora needed someone who could keep her informed on specific trends in her niche.

First, we analyzed her brand to determine how it would fit current social trends.

The first step in any social media success story is a good strategy. Before we began creating content, we scheduled a meeting to better understand her brand. 


Based on our discussion, I developed three months of strategic content pieces that:


  • Showcased her unique approach to styling clients.

  • Provided value to her audience by offering styling tips and tricks.

  • Capitalized on video and audio trends.

Then, it was time to create both evergreen and trending video content.

To execute this strategy, we organized a five-hour shoot day at Lora's home studio. A week before the shoot, I sent over a pre-production checklist, including shot lists, scripts, and necessary props. This way, we could shoot three months' worth of content in just one session – a must for a busy entrepreneur like Lora. 


After the shoot, I began drafting reels and captions for Lora's review, and we posted them according to our agreed-upon schedule.

Shopping Girl Reel.jpeg
Shopping Girl XOXO reel 2.jpeg

This strategy exposed Shopping Girl XOXO to a breadth of new followers.

Our strategy had a significant impact on Lora's Instagram presence. Here are the highlights:


  • 100 new high-quality followers within her target audience.

  • 22% increase in overall content interactions compared to the previous three months.

  • 3000% increase in reel interactions compared to the previous three months.

  • 2300% increase in non-follower reach than the previous three months.

Today, Lora is tackling Instagram with newfound confidence.

With a bit of guidance, Lora overcame the Instagram learning curve. Using the tools and techniques learned in our session, she now creates, shoots, edits, and posts content that continues to receive high engagement.


"It was amazing to be able to take a step back from social media with my busy schedule and have the hard work done for me in ways that I was not sure how to do myself. Working together gave me the confidence to attempt to figure some of the new reel tricks out on my own." - Lora LaPratt, Shopping Girl XOXO.

I love helping entrepreneurs streamline their content strategy and free up valuable time. Get in touch to learn more about how my systems might help you.

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