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Creating Video Content for Social Media with Confidence

As even the most casual social media user knows, video content is here to stay. With the explosion of TikTok over the past few years, other social media platforms like Instagram have pushed users to create Reels by rewarding them with higher engagement rates.

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While there’s a suite of free and affordable video editing tools available for video content creators to use, speaking confidently on camera only can come from within. If you’re someone who recoils at the sight of a camera and avoids the spotlight at all costs -- these tips are for you.

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Make the camera your friend. Literally.

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Pick one person you feel genuinely comfortable around - it could be your best friend, your mom, or even your dog. Print out your person’s photo or write their name on a post-it note and tape it right above your camera or webcam. When you record your video, pretend like you are talking to them. It’s much easier to talk to someone you love and trust rather than the cold, unfeeling lens of a camera!

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Ditch the TV anchor voice.

best way to make a video

Ever wonder why TV anchors sound so funny? It’s because journalism school curriculum teaches future journalists the importance of enunciating every word. This tactic works for news, but social media videos are a different story.

how to make great videos, making short videos for social media

You don’t need to change your voice to sound more “official” once the camera turns on. Your audience wants to be spoken to, not spoken at. And that means (see above) speaking in a way you’d talk to someone you are comfortable around.

how to make good quality videos

Slooooow down.

improve your speech skills

If you’re a naturally fast talker (like I am), this tip is extra pertinent. Before shooting a video for your feed, run through your script/talking points a few times before trying an official take. While it’s important to sound like your natural self, make sure you’re not speeding through your content - otherwise, no one will be able to understand you! Talking slower also ensures you won’t run out of breath.

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Looking for more on-camera tips for quality social media videos? Reach out to me at for a free 10-minute consultation to see if one-on-one media coaching is right for you!

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