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Choose your level of commitment and elevate your life.

Free forever!

  • Manifestation journal prompts directly to your inbox.

  • A gateway to understanding the power of manifestation, with no strings attached.

  • Best for: beginners eager to dip their toes into the world of manifestation or seasoned manifestors seeking regular inspiration.

Most popular choice!

$50 one-time fee
  • Step-by-step vision boarding guide 

  • Guided meditations for healing, manifesting wealth, love, and health goals

  • Advanced journal prompts

  • Daily manifestation tools and hacks

  • Much more!

  • Best for: those who are ready to dive deep and invest in their manifestation journey. With tools and resources at your fingertips, watch as your desires unfold in front of you.

  • Pay once and access content forever - even as new content is added and updated!

Personalized support!

$175 per session*
  • Get personalized guidance, strategies, and feedback on your goals.

  • Transform hurdles into stepping stones with tailor-made advice.

  • Includes 1-hour session + detailed notes with links and tips following call.

  • Best for: individuals seeking a deep transformation, willing to invest in personal attention and guidance.

Email to schedule a session. Please include 1:1 coaching in the subject line to be considered.

*Discounts on follow-up sessions and bundles. Email to inquire.

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